Deep Sea Sampling shown on AHK German-Canadian Conference on Smart Mining

Bauer Teststand setup in Wernigerode - ready for testing.

A group of more than twenty delegates from German companies with mine related products and services attended the AHK business improvement trip first to the CIM Connect in Vancouver (April, 12th - 15th) and than to the first German-Canadian Conference on Smart Mining in Montréal, April 16th, 2024. While CIM Connect as Convention and Exhibition left room vor booth visits and discussions, the Conference sported a dense programme of presentations and discussions sheding lights on different aspects from both Canadian mine operators needs and German suppliers solutions, services and products.

Deep Sea Sampling was part of Prof. Dr. Martin Sobczyk's presentation on how to bring a fully electric trench cutter into operation. While sketching the main steps and milestones of the project for the audience in Canada, the test stand in Wernigerode got ready for full flange operation, to further prove the assemled motors and gearshields unter operation conditions.