ISA Workshop in Porto (Portugal)

«As planned, concept evaluation and initial development stages are already finished,» summarized Dr. Matthias Semel, Coordinator of Deep Sea Sampling Project, in behalve of the entire team. While the first three-year-round is coming to an end, the main goals were archieved. The ISA expert meeting in Porto was the perfect place to introduce the state of technology to a wider audience and discuss the next steps of progress. 

The full electric drive is already in testing, and concept scale prototypes of tool handlers were built, to test on real hardware operability and effects. Also the knowledge about the landing sites and possible interesting areas in both the Indian Ocean and the North Atlantic improved tremendously during the last two-and-a-half years. «Although there is no full knowlegde about the soil conditions we have a good understanding how to land and mine at sites which are of interest regarding their ore content,» added Stefan Wegerer. The next steps are already in planning, focussing on finalizing the lander design, solving questions about lifting operations of the mined ore and further improving knowledge about the still unexplored undergrounds of defunct black smokers. Equipment has to be designed to fit the requirements of proposed research vessels, and tested thouroghly before finally going to sea.