Vertical approach for surgical precision.

Advanced mining for future technologies. Hands on impact.

Base element of technology is the Bauer trench cutter system, which can be scaled in size due to the expected volume. Two sets of two cutting wheels, rotating against each other, are the main working part, allowing the cutter to cut at speeds between 4 to 6 metres per hour. Volume is generrated by adjusting diameter of the cutter wheels and thickness of the gearbox.

In mining applications every cutting wheel is equipped with more than 100 rolling shaft chisels. When in rotation, chisels at different positions hit the ground, and when the resulting pressue between the chisel tip and the ground material exeeds the compressing stregth of the latter material is broken off and transported by the rotating wheels toward the middle of the cutter. Between both wheels a sucsion box, connected to a hydro pump, is constantly lowering the pressure in this area and a stream of both water and cut material is sucked up into the box and the adjenct transporting pipe.

This pipe again is connected to the transport container, which itself contains a hydro-cyclon system, to separate particle from water. While the water is than pumped back the particles remain inside the transportation container - a system similar to paper-less vacuum cleaners.

Schielding gear around the cutting head will minimize interaction of cutting head operation and surrounding environment, while by reduced pressure inside the area formed by the shields prevents dust clounds. After cutting down for several meters and extracting the ore, the cutting head is lifted back again. The remain is just a hole the size of the cutting head.

Project video