Mining impacts environment - in any case. Deep sea ecosystems are fragile. We understand how important it is to protect our oceans. With the Vertical Approach, mining operation is reduced to the lowest possible footprint. Protection equipment is used to avoid any contamination – utilizing hydro cyclones and advanced shielding gear to enclose almost any particle inside the operation site. The separated ore is transported inside the closed system and lifted in a container up to the surface. Thus, no tailings ore waste material is generated at the mining site - leaving behind just a small hole in the ground when operation is finished. 

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Minimal invasive mining

Virtually no overburden of associated volcanic rocks

Very small footprint of only a few square metres on the sea floor

No causing of significant suspension plume


A compact trench cutter is transformed into a smart, partially autonomous mining tool that can execute mining with almost surgical precision. At a depth of 3,000 meters, this tool mines precisely the ore that is needed – efficient and with minimal invasiveness.

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