Schubert Prize awarded for Deep Sea Sampling team member

The Schubert Prize Consortium (left to right): Dr. Jörg Brückner (VSW), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Russwurm (BDI), Alexander Moelle, MP Michael Kretzschmer

The Johann-Andreas-Schubert-Prize is awarded evey two years to students who excel in Engineering related tobics by the Johann-Andreas-Schubert Foundation and Sachsenmetall e.V. This year, Saxony's MP Michael Kretschmer, the President of Gemanys Industry Association BDI, Prof. Dr. Siegfried Russwurm, and Dr. Jörg Brückner, President of Saxony's Employer Organization VSW congratulatulated one ot TU Bergakademie Freibergs Master Student Alexander Moelle, which won the prize in the category Best Master Thesis in Saxony among a field of strong competitiors. In his thesis paper Alex did the first research steps both experimentally in questions related to position monitoring without standardized systems like GPS, which contributed to our research in position monitoring under water and underground. With that strong experience he joined the Deep Sea Sampling team to further do research work and contribute to the project goal in enabeling deep sea sampling in the German Licence Area in the Indian Ocean.