PTJ Status Conference «Maritime Technologies»

Deep Sea Green Copper - Pecha Kucha

The presentation held on Dec 12th, 2022 in Berlin focussed on the reasons for an increased interest in seabed massive sulfites: the strong grow in copper demand, which is driven by the transition from fossil fuels to electricity in transportation and heating. Experts expect a 3...5 fold increase in annual copper demand during the next two decades. Neigther can't currently operating mines increase productivity in that pace, nor could new mines be opened in populated areas. Seabed massive sulfite - with their comparatively high contets in copper and other elements - can contribute to the world copper supply. To mine them sustainabily, it is necessary to develop a mining technology which takes environmental aspects into account: minimal invasiveness and avoidance of dust cloud.


Download 2022 Berlin Deep Sea Green Copper Presentation